Are there any laws that save the wildlife of Alaska?



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    The US endangered species laws apply to Alaska of course, so they help. And of course Alaska has many state laws that relate to wildlife, both for protection and for management. Whether they are all enforced property is a matter of opinion.

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    The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act is one such law on the books that indirectly protects Alaska’s wildlife. It preserves undeveloped land that wildlife relies on, and preserves unaltered arctic tundra, and boreal forests and coastal rain forests in their natural state. I have attached the full extent of the policy as it is written so that you can access the detail of its language.

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    In 2008 the 05- Hunt law was passed which prohibited the hunting of animals from aircraft for sport. Another is the 2004 Ballot Meaure 3 which prohibits bear baiting and feeding. There is also a law that allows people to kill a wild dog if it is disturbing wild deer or birds or if it kills a wild animal. If the dog belongs to someone it is required that the owner be given the opportunity to restrain them before killing the dog. Beyond legilsation there are other ways to protect the wildlife in Alaska, like the Defenders of Wildlife association where you can donate, adopt and animal or shop in their giftstore to support wildlife across the nation. 

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