Are there any laws requiring beach houses to turn off their lights during sea turtle nesting season?



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          Artificial lights near the beach can confuse turtle hatchlings, causing them to go toward the light rather than the ocean. To prevent this from happening, a growing number of beach communities have adopted laws that prohibit lighting on the beach during turtle nesting season.

         If you have a beach house near a turtle nesting site, the Florida Wildlife Council has a list of things you can do to keep your lights from being visible on the beach here:

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    It is true that laws are being developed to have beach communities and large hotels turn off their lights at night for the turtle breeding season. Other places are doing it without a law but rather on their own account to help out sea turtles. This is even occurring in Mexico where laws are less established and less enforced than they may be in the United States.

    If you stay at a hotel where sea turtles may breed, inquire whether they turn off the lights or not. Tell them why it is important to prevent sea turtles from being disoriented and unable to lay their eggs. A lot of times people will help if they are educated as to why it is important for the environment.

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