Are there any laws that limit the amount of water you can use?



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    Water restrictions are generally regulated by local governments at the city or county level. Georgia tried to establish a state-wide water restriction law, but that met with some opposition as more local branches were concerned that if a larger-scale plan was put in place, they would be unable to tailor the plan to meet their area’s water needs.

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    These types of law usually are implemented at the state, county, or city levels of government. In 2003, legislation was passed in Texas that helped to: limit the ability of homeowner’s associations to restrict water-saving landscape practices; make mandated water conservation plans, especially for municipalities, more meaningful; make it easier for homeowners to install graywater systems; make required drought contingency plans more specific; and establish a temporary water conservation implementation task force to recommend better water conservation measures.
    At the city level, Austin, Texas, implemented the Toilet Replacement Program. It was so successful that it had to be suspended. Plans are to request a new contract in October 2009. Residents still have the option to take a rebate if they purchase an approved toilet. In light of drought, the city of Austin also implements various stages of water restrictions including one-day per week outdoor watering schedules for sprinkler systems only operable at night or before 10 A.M.

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    In some places, yes. Laws now limit water consumption in various places. California, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, and Oregon have laws and regulations regarding container nursery water consumption. Depending on the state, the water consumption laws apply to only parts of the state or the entire state.

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