Are there any laws that help control E-waste?



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    E-waste makes up about two percent of the solid waste stream. Although there is currently no federal mandate to recycle e-waste, there are some regulations that make the improper disposal of electronics with certain hazardous materials illegal. CRT computer monitors, Color CRT TV tubes, cell phones and similar hand-held devices are classified as hazardous, so federal law prohibits disposal of these items unless they are brought to an authorized e-waste handling facilities. For example, cell phones and other handhelds, as well as batteries, can be taken to many retail stores such as Best Buy for proper disposal. For larger items, you will need to check out your local resources, and many communities host free e-waste collection sites once a year.

    You can also try recycling old or unused electronics. For example, Cell Phones for Soldiers allows you to place your cell phone in a prepaid plastic mailer so it can be refurbished and/or reused.

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