Are there any laws against shark fining?



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    There are international and domestic regulations controlling the procedures and scale of shark finning projects. Internationally, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization produced an International Plan of Action for Sharks, which included a proviso that captured sharks be fully utilized in fisheries, not just finned. A few years later, the UN General Assembly as well as some regional Fisheries Management Organizations have voiced their support of the IPAS.

    Many countries also have limited regulations against finning, including the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Brazil, the European Union, and India (among many others). Some countries ban the practice outright, but this list is much smaller; Congo-Brazzaville, French Polynesia, Israel, Maldives, and Palau all ban shark finning.

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    TRAGIC. I will be taking a class on whale laws and it is sad to see animals being commercially slaughtered for a fin. What’s more annoying are clear limitations of international laws and the lack of enforcement. Countries simply have their own laws for their own waters, and it is virtually impossile for the UN to enforce international shark regulations. It is unfortunate to see that sharks and whales do not have jurisdiction over their own lives.

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