Are there any laws against feeding pigeons?



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    It seems as though New York City has moved in that direction, but only in extreme situations.  For example they fined a man in Queens $500 under public nuisance law, for feeding hundreds of pigeons from his backyard.  A woman in the U.K. was jailed for seven hours for exactly the same thing.  In both cases there appears to be legitimate health concerns over attracting rats with pigeon feed as well as guano that accumulated on nearby houses.  However, there appears to be no laws against feeding pigeons in public places.

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    In Venice, Italy, you are not allowed to feed pigeons.  They don’t like all the piegons being around because they are a “nuisance” and defecate on their buildings and sculptures.  The first offense is corrected with a verbal warning, however, fines can reach $600 (they say that $50 or $60 is much more common).  

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