Are there any large whales such as humpbacks in captivity?



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    There aren’t any humpbacks in captivity, because they need a large volume of water to live in. However, there are still whales, like orcas, that are kept in captivity in zoos. Smaller whales are kept in captivity so that they can be used to educate the public. Scientists also use them to create hypotheses about how they would interact with other creatures in ocean environments.

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    The largest whale kept in captivity to this day is a female gray whale named JJ.  He was found off the shores of California apparently abandoned by his mother.  He was kept at Sea World San Diego until he had been rehabilitated and was able to be released into the wild.  

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    It could be difficult to know whether there are large whales in captivity because even when there are, the poachers may not disclose it. It is possible to hold hold them in captivity using some gauze to barricade them in a place restricting their movement.

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    I think you’ll find what you’re looking for at the Cetacean Institute in Sausalito. A pair of humpbacks named George and Gracie.

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