Are there any large populations of Wild horses left in America?



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    Well, there are wild populations of feral horses in the United States. They are also known as Mustangs. There is quite a large population of them out West, with the majority found in Nevada. There are 33,000 wild horses in the Western United States. Other significant populations are found in Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon.

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    There are few herds and soon there will be fewer.  159 herds have been zeroed out of the 339 that BLM designated for protection in 1971.  12 herds were zeroed out last year with gathers of thousands of native wild horses scheduled over the rest of this year.  The 33,000 figure are those horses which are in BLM long term holding.  The estimates of native wild horses still living free on the range is estimated between 15 to 22,000.  Wyoming also has a large wild horse presence for the time being.

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    There are wild ponies that live on the Barrier Islands in the Atlantic Ocean just off from Virginia. The main island is called Assateague Island. However, in the winter the horses are often rounded up and protected from the harsh elements of the area (so perhaps they are not wild in the true sense).

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    There are some populations of wild horses that are found in parts of Arizona. They are located on Indian reservations, where they can freely roam the vast miles of essentially untouched wildnerness.

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