Are there any large hydroelectric dams on the Mississippi River?



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    There is one major hydroelectric dam on the Mississippi River located at Keokuk, Iowa. It was completed in 1913, and was the largest hydroelectric dam in the world at the time. It has a 134 MW capacity using 15 generators, producing a 60 Hz alternating current. There are 12 other dams and locks along the Mississippi River, none of which compare to that of the one at Keokuk. All the dams are maintained and operated by the US Army Coprs of Engineers.

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    It appears that hydroelectric power on the Mississippi began in the early 1900s, but has since become outdated.  There was a set of hydropower turbines in St. Anthony Falls, and even plans to build one in Iowa, but it was never finished due to the prohibitively high costs of finishing the project.  There is at least one turbine that does not require a dam in the Minnesota portion of the Mississippi (no city given) that seems to have less of an impact on the wildlife than a hydroelectric dam.  This system is capable of generating 35kW of power using the natural flow of the river.

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