Are there any landfills that recently closed?



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    There have been landfills and waste managements plants that have closed recently. Generally, you can find information regarding the closing of a specific location by simply searching for it online. If you search for other random landfills that have closed recently you will be able to find lists of closings. One landfill that has closed recently is SACO Municipal Landfill in New England. Cleanup of the entire site is currently underway.

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    Two examples of landfills that are shutting down are in Cebu (a large region of the Philippines) and in Carmel, California. The Cebu City government just recently ruled to shut down the Inayawan landfill by October. In Carmel, in response to a number of environmental violations, the Putnam County legislature is making motions to shut down their dump, and hope to have all dumpings cease by May 2012. Landfills are responsible for major greenhouse emissions, pose public health risks, and are filled with materials that could be recycled.   

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