Are there any lakes known for their cliff diving?



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    There are several places known that boast spectacular cliff diving adventures including spots in Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia, and Switzerland. 

    In Hawaii, the Southpoint Cliffs are known to be one of these spots. Located at the southernmost tip of the United States, cliff divers love to dive off these particular cliffs because they are surrounded by amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. These cliffs reach heights of 30 to 50 feet and are a popular place for cliff divers. 

    Another popular cliff diving spot are the limestone cliffs on Negril’s west side located in Jamaica. These cliffs range in height between 40 and 70 feet and are a challenging yet breathtaking experience. 

    Australia also has several popular cliff diving spots including the Kimberley region in western Australia and cliffs located on the Ord River which can reach heights of up to 84 feet!

    Last but not least, Switzerland is also a country known for it’s amazing cliff diving spots. Brontallo, Switzerland is one of these spots, known for it’s high cliffs and breathtaking views.

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