Are there any investors that are known for investing in green or eco friendly ideas?



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    Yes, there are many investors known for investing in green companies/ideas.  Many venture capitalists, private equity funds, foundations and others are actively investing in green technologies like solar energy, hybrid automobiles, etc.  Institutional investors also practice “green investing.”  There is a whole field of investing called Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) that many funds practice.  SRI investors invest in “green” companies and ideas and other companies they feel are a benefit to society.  On the flip side, they screen out and divest from companies that they determine to have a negative impact on society, including tobacco companies, firearms manufacturers, the gaming industry, oil companies and other contributors to climate change.  There are many investor networks focused on SRI including the Investor Network on Climate Risk, First Affirmative Financial Network and others.  Their websites list which investors are members if you’re looking for specific names.

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