Are there any international regulations on fishing?



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    Yes. There is an international law governing driftnet fishing on the high seas. High sea fishing resources are considered to be common property resources. There is also the United Nations of the Sea Convention (UNCLOS) that is a treaty that restricts the use of the global ocean commons.

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    Yes, deniseapril is right, there are international laws.  But there are loopholes around these laws known as “flag hopping.”  Many countries allow foregin ships into their waters and require them to register, therefore making a small profit for that country.  But many of these countries who have open registries do not abide by the international fishing laws and are not part of any treaties.  This means that any ship, fishing under the flag of a specific country, do not have to abide by the laws.  There is a great article which explains this in more depth that I have attached a link to. 

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