Are there any vegan ice cream shops?



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    Stogo in Greenwich Village, NY is a good place to go  Besides that, I’d recommend going to a website that compiles restaurants like or in this case,  Type in your specifications and you’re good to go.

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    Scoops in New York City also offers vegan ice cream.  It also has mock meat snacks and punches available for customers.  However, if you have an immediate craving, most supermarkets also sell vegan, non-dairy ice cream.  Soy Delicious and Tofutti are both vegan, and so are many kosher ice creams.  It’s also not difficult to make yourself if you have an ice cream maker.  If you find yourself at a non-vegan ice cream shop and want something, ask about their sorbets — they’re usually dairy-free.

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    In 2008 Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts opened in Boston, offering vegan friendly ice cream. One of the business partners developed a lactose intolerance after eating too much soft-serve, hence the soy based desserts. Wheeler’s Frozen Desserts offers 20-30 various varieties, and the owner is willing to create custom flavors on demand. In addition to fun varieties and a lack of dairy, the ice cream has significantly less calories than other popular, non-vegan ice creams and contains no cholesterol. Sweet!

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    NiceCream Vegan Ice Cream opened up a shop in Studio City, California.  Most of the flavors are made out of a base of raw cashews, fresh almond milk, and coconut.  The only non-vegan ingredient in the ice cream is honey, but it is not included in all flavors.  In addition to being vegan, the ice cream is also organic and raw.  The shop has plans to open up additional locations throughout the LA area.

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