Are there any hydrogen conversion kits for your car?



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    Yes.  There are plenty of hydrogen fuel cell conversion kits available.  In fact, you can even make one yourself!  However, unless you’re a mechanic or own a car with a carbureted engine (most cars built before 1990), I strongly recommend having it installed by a professional.  The O2 censors in cars with fuel injected engines are easily thrown off by adding hydrogen into the mix, which confuses the computer, causing it to actually dump more gas into your engine, thus actually reducing your efficicency.  This in turn puts additional strain on the engine, which can eventually kill your car.

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    There is a hydrogen fuel conversion kit that will be available soon from “United Nuclear”.  It is currently in the research and development page but it should be available soon.  The last article was posted in 2008, when the Consumer Product Safety Commission was trying to shut down the project (likely at the behest of big oil corporations). It would be worth calling or emailg the company for updates on the sale of their system.

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