Are there any hydrogen cars for sale right now?



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    Honda has the fcx clarity.  There website claims a 3 year 600/month lease.  There are also photos of Brad Pitt riding in a Bmw Hydrogen 7.  The first citation will expand more on all of the hydrogen cars built.  The second is the direct link to the Honda FCX 7.  While they are out, they all seem to be in limited quantities.

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    There is nothing widely being sold right now. Chevrolet has made the Equinox, but it is in limited production and carries a seven figure price tag. Chevrolet will be producing and leasing about 100 Equinoxes later this year. Honda has the FCX that cost them about a million to make. There are a few being leased right now and they will be available for sale next year along with more for lease. 

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