Are there any hybrids that are cheap enough to pay for themselves with gas savings?



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    The Toyota Prius is the best value.  It costs only $22,800 with an MPG of 51/48.  Since you’re close to doubling your miles per gallon, you will inevitably save money. 

    Hypothetically speaking, let’s say the car lasts until it reaches 150,000 miles (this is conservative, since Toyotas are known for lasting over 200,000 when well cared for).  At 48 MPG, you will have spent $8,812.5 (150,000/48*2.82 per gallon). 

    For a standard combustion engine, we’ll take the Chevy Malibu which is $21,975, 22/30 MPG.  Since these are farther off from the Prius, we’ll take the average, which is 26 MPG.  This care will come close to possible lasting to 150,000, so we’ll take the same total mileage.  The total is 16,269. 

    The difference with these incredably crude estimates is about $7,457 or larger, since the Prius will most assuredly last longer than the Malibu.  So will gas alone cover it? Probably not, but you’ll save a hell of a lot more than you would with any other car.

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