Are there any human powered treadmills? Any good brands?



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    Yes, there are certainly human-powered treadmills. They rely on your walking or running power to make them move forward, rather than a motor, and they use a flywheel to keep the momentum stead. If you are trying to go green, this is the best way to go – you can excersize without relying on the energy grid! Perhaps eventually they will invent ones where you can run your blender at the same time.

    Some brands out there include HOGGAN, Speedfit, and Sprint Runner. You’ll have to decide for yourself which is best based on price and reviews. Good luck!

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    If you are really looking to go green just ditch the treadmill all together.  Yes, a human powered treadmill does not use electricity, but it sill has to be made, which uses materials. 

    Join a gym, where multiple people use the same treadmill, or better yet, jog or run outside.  Then you are getting fresh air and not using any machine.  

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