Are there any houses built in the ocean?



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    Houses built in the ocean is generally an image reserved for science fiction. It is a dangerous and tumultuous environment to live in. However a large city or the rare individual house is not unheard of.

    In the what is known as Stiltsville just south of Key Biscayne, Florida there are houses built up on stilts. They are neat houses and there are pictures in the link below.

    The city of Venice, Italy sits upon petrified logs immersed in the mire many meters down. It is subject to daily flooding and massive wear and tear as very stone of the houses is worn away with the ebb and flow of the water.

    A city was suggested floating on the sea off the coast of San Francisco. Engineers working on this design for the Seasteading Institute has already drawn up plans. It will be made with a series of suspension bridges and flotation devices so that it will react with the water rather than fight against it.

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