Are there any homes that use more energy than the White House?



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    I think yes, given the White House’s efforts to go green.  Its lights are CFLs, its signs are LED, the lighting system is now on an isolated control system instead of interconnected banks which made it difficult to turn off lights since that would shut off whole sections.  Motion sensors were also installed for the lights.  Low-flow toilets and water fixtures were installed and the irrigation system was updated so the sprinklers don’t go off when it’s raining, a change said to save 50% of water use, although the number seems rather high (it doesn’t rain that much in DC!). 

    Insulation and solar heating have both been employed to save heating energy, while cooling units are now energy-efficient as well.  Recycling bins have appeared and mail trucks are all electric (whether this is a change, I don’t know).  And this all happened in 2007!  It is the fruit of a project designed and begun by President Clinton and carried over by President Bush.

    Since the White House isn’t really a home, though, it’s not comparable to other homes.  It is mostly an administrative building, in which case it certainly uses less energy than many others and these efforts to go green have only improved its stats.  Maybe there are some large, energy-guzzling homes beat out the White House’s energy use.


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    In looking to answer your question I couldn’t helps asking my own, “how much energy does the white house use?”  I figure one must know that before they could make a final conclusion.  Alas, I could not find the answer.  However, I agree with greenjoy, the white house is more of an administrative building than a home so a comparison might be fruitless anyway.  

    In my searching, I did come across this interesting snopes confirmation; no white houses involved, so to speak, but 2 president’s homes instead.  I guess there was an email circulating 2-3 years ago regarding George W. Bush’s ranch versus Al Gore’s house.  It’s interesting, but slanted and out-dated…so take it with that ever present grain of salt 😉  

    It made me think about the size of some people’s houses and the energy it must take to keep them feeling “cozy”…yikes. 

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    Buckingham Palace in  London probably rivals it, its is known as “the least green building in London”.

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