Are there any home systems that can turn poo into power?



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    At this point, I think its safe to say that there are not any home systems that can turn “poo into power” (ha ha!). However, there are several researchers who are trying to develop efficient, realistic systems to create fuel from manure. So far, this is basically limited to large farms with lots of livestock. The methane (greenhouse gas!) could be “digested” by a system and the methane used for energy.

    The article was quick to point out that the poo is different depending on the type of animal (cow poo is different than pig poo), so the same system won’t work the same for both. We can take that to mean that a system for digesting human poo is not in mind. (We’d have to produce A LOT of poo).

    Check out this link with more details about the system (called a digester), and potential uses.

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