Are there any healthy/organic/local fast food places?

I would think it would be a lucrative business…



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    True! I completely agree with you. In Austin, there are some locally owned places like Spicy Pickle (a sandwhich place) that cater to the more health-oriented crowd. Pita Pit is another fast food place that is quite healthy. There’s even a small vendor on campus at UT that occasionally sells gluten-free “snacks” I believe. I’m not sure about purely organic fast food places, however, Mother Nature Work ( categorizes Chipotle as one – it’s really good! Here are some other top picks by them for organic fast food eats:

    • Evos
    • GustOrganic
    • O’Naturals
    • Pizza Fusion
    • Amanda’s
    • Burgerville

    As for some other healthy food places that aren’t necessarily organic…here ya go:

    • Panera Bread
    • Jason’s Deli
    • Au Bon Pain
    • Noodles and Company
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    In California, you’ll find a bunch! Berkeley, California is a hotbed of organic fast food. Just driving through Berkeley, you’ll see so many organic places that it will make your head spin. One of my favorite places, just based on the name, is Nacho Mama in Garberville, California. I’ve been there once or twice, and I agree with the reviews on it that I have read. Making healthy, organic food at home tastes a lot better. Since I know how to cook and can do it quickly, I rarely eat out.

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