Are there any health clubs/gyms in the world that aim to be environmentally friendly?



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    Yes. Like many modern businesses trying to attract customers, fitness centers across the country have been moving in the eco-friendly direction.  Of course, some are making more efforts than others.  One particularly proactive fitness center is Go Green Fitness in Connecticut, where the spinning cycles are set up to generate electricity that can be contributed to the grid.  Other clubs have taken such steps as greener cleaning products, more energy-efficient buildings, recycled rubber mats, and self-powered gym equipment (which is really just kind of a no-brainer — why burn energy to burn energy?).

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    The Microgym in Portland, Oregon actually captures the energy from people using the gym’s workout machines to power the facility. The Microgym generated 36% of its own energy in 2010, saving 37,000 kWh, the savings of which is equivalent to 74,000 tons of carbon dioxide or 15 acres of trees. Hong Kong’s California Fitness gym was the first fitness center to conceptualize clients powering the gym with machines. 

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