Are there any health affect of eating spicy foods?



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    There are some health effects correlated with eating spicy foods and they actually might explain why it seems people in warmer climates can tolerate more spicy food.  On one hand, ingestion of spicy peppers is known to improve circulation and increase body temperature.  A New York Times article states that this may help people in warm climates feel cooler by decreasing the temperature difference between their body and the hot air, and by causing you to sweat.  In addition, spicy foods increase appetite by inducing salivation, which is good for individuals who live in hot climates who may otherwise have a suppressed appetite due to the heat.  Great question! 

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    This site has a great list of possible side effects from many different foods, including spicy foods.  An example is a list of spicy and acidic foods such as black and red pepper, chilies, chili powder, hot peppers, coffee, lemon, pineapple, orange and tomato that can sometimes increase the risk of developing or making gastritis or peptic ulcers worse. 

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    A boost in metabolism is another positive health effect of eating spicy foods (an increase of nearly 8% more than the normal rate), due to an increase in body temperature. When the human body generates more heat, it burns more calories immediately following consumption of the meal. Another reason why this might increase metabolism, thus a decrease in body weight, is because consuming spicy foods create a feeling of satiety, causing one to consume less. Spicy foods exacerbate conditions such as ulcers and heartburn.

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