Are there any animals that have twins?



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    If you look at the animal kingdom as a whole, a majority of species have more than two babies at once; many mammals have litters, small birds typically have several eggs, and fish and insects can have hundreds of offspring. Some mammals that have litters can stil have two in the litter that are identical twins, for example, two kittens that both came from the same egg and have virtually identical DNA. But in animals that usually have one baby at a time, twins can rarely occur, usually even rarer than in humans. For example, in horses twins are very rare and are considered very dangerous. Foals are born so large that the mare is usually unable to carry two and survive. Usually one will naturally abort before birth, and if both are born the mother may only be able to care for one. But with a lot of supplimentary care from humans, both twins sometimes survive. Other animals that can rarely have fraternal twins are cows and elephants.

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