Are there any materials that hats are made from that are good for the environment?



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    Sure. Like any other clothing items, hats can be eco-friendly depending on what they’re made of, and often more importantly, how they’re made. Many companies offer hats that are “eco-friendly,” usually citing all natural fibers (such as wool), recycled fabrics and no usage of dyes as credentials. Some smaller companies also make (or import) hats that are hand-made–you’ll find a lot of straw hats from Mexico in this category. You can find hats made from organic cotton or even bamboo fibers. Basically, you’ll want to avoid anything containing plastics or synthetic materials, and the smaller-scale the operation, probably the more hand work (as opposed to machine stitching) goes into it.

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    All-natural fibers, such as cotton, demand great quantities of water and fertilizer to grow; a quarter of all pesticides and fertilizers are used in cotton agriculture.

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