Are there any harmful minerals that can be found in water?



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    There are studies that show a link between heightened levels of minerals in drinking water and cardiovascular disease (CVD).  We receive our daily allotment of calcium and magnesium from sources such as milk, however when ingested in high doses from mineral fortified drinking waters, they can become harmful.  The minerals themselves are not harmful, they are necessary for maintaining good health, but taking them in higher than necessary doses puts you at risk for health problems.

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    Calcium salt found in drinking water can have some adverse effects on your body like gallstones and kidney stones if too much of it accumulates in your body. There are also many other contaminants that can make their way into tap water; the levels are regulated by the EPA, though that does not necessarily mean that all of the contaminant has been removed. The EPA has a comprehensive list on their website with accepted levels along with a description of any effect they can have on the body. They also have resources for information about government regulated labs that are available to test local water samples if you are concerned.

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