Are there any harmful chemicals in hand sanitizer?



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    Some hand sanitizers contain an antibacterial chemical called triclocarban (TCC) which may interfere with the way sex hormones function. You’re probably better off using regular soap and water anyway, as many antibacterial chemicals kill off some but not all of the harmful germs and may only lead to breeding stronger strains of disease.

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    Many hand sanitizers contain a chemical called triclosan which, when mixed with water can create some really nasty chemicals, including chloroform. There are however, some really good alternatives, such as CleanWell’s 100% biodegradable hand sanitizer. Or! You can make your own hand sanitizer at home. To do this, start by filling up a bottle 2/3 full with water, then add a few drops of each of these oils: cinnamon, eucalyptus, lemon, and clove bud, then mix in a tablespoon of aloe, fill the rest with water, shake and you’re done. Grave robber’s used to use this on their hands in the middle ages to prevent themselves from catching the Bubonic plague.

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