Are there any guides available to help save energy costs at my home?



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    Yes, there are lots of guides and other resources that can aid you in making your home more sustainable. The Us deparment of Energy lists loads of information on its website and has a PDF version available here : . The tips in their guide range from very simple modifications to more time consuming and larger projects all guaranteeing to make your home more efficient and environmentally friendly. Energy also provides valuable information at At this website, you can analyze your current energy use by inputting information and receive specific tips on how your household can save and lower your bills while helping the environment.

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    There are many. Most of them are really simple to follow too, and adds no additional cost.

    At home you can: replace regular light bulbs with CFLs or LEDs, turn the thermostat 2 degrees down during winter, and 2 degrees up during summer, choose energy efficient appliances, wrap water heaters in insulation blankets, use less hot water and water in general, turn off electronics that are not used (don’t just put them to standby), run dishwashers when they’re full, recycle, plant a tree, eat local foods, don’t buy plastic bags for groceries and so on.

    I added some guides to commuting as well, maybe you’ll find some interesting there as well. 

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