Are there any green ways to exterminate bugs?



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    Absolutely! There are a few different tactics that you can take.

    1) You can create a small ecosystem of your own, and introduce animals and other insects that will control each others’ population. While introducing more bugs into your home does not seem like a very good solution, it is viable and very green.

    2) You can get ahold of a bacteria called Baccilus Thuringiensis (BT) and put it in places that you think insects will be. It will kill a wide range of pests, especially ones that might get into your garden.

    3) Neem oil is available at most garden stores. It is also deadly to insects like termites, mosquitos and aphids. Just apply as directed!

    4) Some light chemical use that is statically charged will go a long way to reducing the amount of chemicals that you need to use. It will cause the product to stick to a surface more tightly, allowing you to place the chemicals exactly where you need them, where they will be more effective against bugs.

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