Are there any green technologies being used in the White House?



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    Yes, many!  The White House now uses CFLs, LEDs and isolated lighting technology that allows lights to be individually turned on and off (this didn’t used to be so) and also motion sensors so they turn off when no one is in the room.  A solar water heating system was installed and insulation has been improved on pipes to decrease heat loss.  The irrigation system has been updated so the sprinklers don’t go on when it’s raining.  Low-flow toilets and water fixtures have been installed.  The windows are more efficient, the HVAC system has been updated, skylights were installed for maximum natural light.  Recycling bins are a familiar sight.  In 2002, 167 solar PV panels were installed.

    These changes were made beginning with President Clinton, carried on by President Bush and have been taken up by President Obama.

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