Are there any green rap artists?



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    There are a few. Don’t expect anything serious, but check out this guy’s blog for a few catchy songs.

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    Drake has partnered with Green the Block, and has traveled to 17 campuses to entertain and educate his fans about the benefits of going green.  Additionally, Dr. Octagon’s “Trees” deals with climate issues, and a purchase of the single will send $1 to Friends of the Earth’s Big Ask initiative.

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    Yes there are! Here’s one rap group Cypher:Dissident, whose songs are all about being environmentally friendly:

    Here are some more that lists:

    Pas de Feu by MC Tino34, a rapper from Togo.
    Charris Ford, aka the Granola Ayatollah of Canola
    My Name is Alex, and his sometimes band The Blood Thirsty Vegans
    My Life and Yours… its a British female green rap invasion!
    X10 performing their C02 rap with a dancing polar bear.


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    Benjamin Winn’s song “Stand Up” has environmentally-conscious lyrics.

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