Are there any green jobs in the railroad industry?



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    As of 2010, there are green jobs in the railroad industry. In early 2010, the federal government invested $8B in a project estimated to cost $102B. It is a high speed energy efficient railway system through out the United States. Construction has not started yet and some predict the system will not be usable to the average commuter until 2050. 

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    If you take a certain perspective on it, railroad jobs in general could already be considered “green” due to its efficiency in regards to energy. When it comes to fuel: a little goes a long way. It only takes one gallon of fuel to move a ton of freight 436 miles. This improves air quality and decreases tragic congestion, both which are green.

    There are future plans to encourage environmental sustainability in the railroad industry. For example, the Buffalo & Pittsburgh Railroad have created a locomotive called the GenSet, which runs on two small engines rather than one big one to lower diesel emissions and fuel use. Another example is The Association of The American Railways announcing its support of a report (by the BlueGreen Alliance and the Economic Policy Institute) to create railroad advancements that will create green jobs by increasing federal support.

    So yes, the railroad industry is a very green one indeed, one that will only get greener as the years go by.

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