Are there any green hair products?



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    No hair products are truly sustainable, since the materials and energy required to make them, as well as transporting them, all cost energy and result in CO2 emissions. Some also have toxic chemical concerns. However, some are certainly better than others. Check out to search for greener hair products, ranked by environmental impact.

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    A shampoo I really like is JustNatural shampoo.Whenever I’ve used this shampoo, the soap has actually lathered and made me feel clean. This doesn’t happen when I use other eco-friendly products. They offer shampoo for all types of hair. Most of their shampoos do not containt chemicals, alcohol, harsh detergents, and are made in the USA. A really good aspect of this product is that they vegan and do not test on animals.

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    Organic hair care is a huge industry right now. Among the brands, John Masters Organics has one of the best reputations. Charleston Naturally sells this line and much more (including styling products!):

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    Yes! Check out Aubrey Hair Organics. They have a wide selection for dry hair, oily hair, normal hair and special hair. Plus, they are pretty inexpensive. One bottle goes for about $10.

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