Are there any “green” flip-flops out there?



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    Yea, I found a website that has a variety of flip flops that are eco friendly. 

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    Patagonia makes eco-friendly flip flops.  They are made from a “super-lightweight blend of recycled nylon and cork”.

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    Yes. there are. You’d be surprised at how many you can find if you search them on websites like Ebay or Amazon. If you can’t find them, check out Pocketflops by Floc Designs, a company that makes foldable and 100% organic cotton flip flops. 

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    Hi there! Check out Simple Shoes, their sandals are made from recycled materials – however, they are currently on haitus. They are going under a “creative reenergizing” and aim to come back stronger than ever – but Zappos stil has some of their stock on their website. Terra Plana is also another good brand with cute, vibrant designs. Cri de Coeur also is another brand if you are looking for more high-fashion, green sandals – one pair can be up to $105.

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