Are there any Green companies or organizations currently hiring in Portland, Oregon?



  1. 0 Votes is a good place to look for jobs with Green companies.

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    Bonneville Power Administration is currently looking for a director of talent acquisition.  BPA is based in Portland and “is focused on delivering energy efficiency, renewable energy solutions and on efforts to shrink the Northwest’s carbon footprint” (quote from job listing linked below).  BPA is accepting applications until June 25.

    Here is a link to Vestas, a power company in Portland Oregon that specializes in wind turbines. The job position is for a product manager that oversees the production and marketing of the wind turbines.  Vestas wants to ensure a sustainable future and has over 40,000 wind turbines in 65 countries worldwide.  

    I also found to be very helpful.  You can just type in the location or they type of green job you are looking for.  Hope this helps and good luck job hunting! 


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    Greenpeace is also hiring.

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