Are there any green cars that aren’t electric or hybrid?



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    Yes there are. A popular concept that has presented itself is switching diesel cars to run on biodiesel. So you actually make a fuel-inefficient car an environmentally-friendly one that does not emit any greenhouse gases. There are plenty of diesel cars for sale all over the U.S. I included some links that you can take a look at.

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    As nellieliz4 said biodiesel is one fuel with the potential to be green. However, production of fuel plants on a massive scale can be harmful to the environment if we dump pesticides and other chemicals on the fields. Another type of biofuel is Waste Vegetable Oil, which can be collected from restaurants, filtered, and used in diesel cars which have had a few modifications made to them. My uncle has done this, and it works great!

    However, don’t forget that bicycles are also excellent biofuel vehicles. Since the energy used to propel them comes from the food you eat and they are lightweight, they are more efficient than anything else on the road. By switching to a bicycle as your primary mode of transportation, you can save time that you might have otherwise spent driving to the gym.

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