Are there any green business classes that we can take during college?



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    I don’t personally know of any “green business” classes, per se, but what I would recommend would be to take many business classes, as well as classes on environmental science or a related field, and then try to synthesize your own bridge between the two.

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    There are green business MBA (Masters of Business Administration) programs throughout the country. There are 600 schools that offer MBA’s that focus on sustainability. The top school in a survey of these schools showed that Stanford came out as the best program. 

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    It varies on the school, but with the increasing awareness on environmentalism, and especially a push from the scientific and academic community, there are surely plenty of options at the college and university level.  For example, the Business School at the University of Toronto offers green courses, and conducts tests and experiments with eco business models and beliefs.

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    I know at Loyola University Chicago (where I used to go) the business program made you take a business sustainability class in order to graduate.  You could also have a minor in Environmental Studies. 

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