Are there any green baby carriers?



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    There are many websites that offer green baby carriers. They range from simple organic slings to the more complicated hiking backpack styles. Two examples can be seen at the links below. There is the ERGO Baby Organic Baby Carrier that can be purchased for $120 and the Moby Wrap Organic Baby Carrier. The ERGO carrier is a style that supports the child while also keeping the adult comfortable. The Moby Wrap can be bought for about $70 and is a more traditional baby sling that is light weight and easier to carry. Both are made from organically grown cotton.

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    You bet! Check out Ergo as the previous answer has stated. You can also buy some from Rockin’ Baby. It’s a patterned carrier adjusts to four varying sizes using hidden zippers to cater to your baby’s growing sizes – from newborn to 40 pounds. Also, check out Belle Organic, it’s made of hemp and cotton and distributes the weight to your hip instead of your shoulder – Angelina Jolie has one by the way. Finally, BabyBjorn is another great baby carrier!

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