Are there any green arguments against banning plastic bags?

For example, could it be that paper bags are worse than plastic?



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    Though not necessarily a green argument per se, one perspective is that while banning plastic bags might change peoples’ behaviors, it does not change their attitudes toward social responsibility. The argument goes that plastic bags are being unfairly persecuted as detrimental to the environment when it should be people who are blamed for not using them properly in the first place. Plastic bags can be re-used and in a study done in the UK, 4 out of 5 households were shown to re-use plastic bags.

    Just some food for thought!


    Image taken from this site.

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    People could argue the convenience factor of having plastic bags ready at checkout is easier than bringing their own. While I personally think this is a ridiculous reason, it also seems like the primary reason we are in this dilemma in the fist place. 

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