Are there any green apps for my iPhone that can save me money?



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    1. A Real Tree

    Interesting app! I must exclaim. Markedly different those iPhone, A real Tree is something quite practical for earth. By purchasing the app you contribute to the reforestation of different countries around the globe. Literally, its not a great app showcasing a virtual tree with trivial movements. You can blow the wind to see it blossom or get the birds fly out from the branches. Given this, you can’t ignore it’s meant for a greater cause. Actually A Real Tree contributes towards the education on reforestation throughout the world.

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    2. Carbon Tracker

    The companies requesting employees for alternative transportation to work would surely be overwelmed with this green iPhone app. It’s a GPS-enabled carbon footprint application that allows the users to calculate the carbon footprint from daily commuting, business trips or vacations. Further the users can also fix goals for maximum emission in a month and monitor their progress.

    This green iPhone app is available for free download at iPhone App store.

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    3. The Green Lemur

    With so many iPhone apps with green tips, the Green Lemur stands out from the rest of the pack for it’s well organized tips and trivia.  It’s only easy to navigate. Further you can browse the topic using search  keyword or just ask for the tip of the day. Most of these tips seem familiar with the green scene. For instance you get tips for using cards made from recycled paper or an advice to buy ebooks instead of paperbooks. On the greener side you have the tips for planting deciduous trees to keep your house cool.

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    4. GreenMeter

    It’s an app to track your cars fuel and power usage characteristics. Not just this it also helps to determine how you’ll maximize the efficiency. Changes in your driving habits can help to cut cost, consumption, and carbon footprint.


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