Are there any government incentives for carpooling?



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    Not that I know of on a national level, although certain cities and companies will offer residents/employees incentives. 

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    I didn’t find any direct government subsidies for carpooling, but there is an organization called Commuter Choice that is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Department of Transportation, and the Transportation Demand Management Institute. This group doesn’t subsidize or fund carpooling programs, but rather helps employers and communities to implement their own carpooling incentive programs. Commuter Choice helps these groups reach out to individuals, educate about the positive aspects of carpooling, and get programs in place to make carpooling easier.

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    Adding to RedBird’s answer, local governments installs and enforces High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, aka “carpool” lanes that you can see in many states, especially in high traffic areas like southern California, Eastern Washington, and Georgia. Charging a toll for single occupancy vehicles driving in carpool lanes is also gaining ground. The idea is really to encourage less traffic congestion, but the environment benefits right along with it.

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    In California most high-traffic highways have (government created) carpool lanes. Depending on the city, two or three people per car constitutes a carpool. The lane only functions as a carpool lane only during certain hours (6 am to 10 am and 3pm to 7pm, Monday through Friday). The rush hour traffic is heinous enough here that carpooling saves you a significant chunk of time (anecdotally, at least twenty minutes each way). The carpool lane violation is around $350.

    Also, until recently many bridge tolls in California were free for carpoolers (they’re now $2 for a carpooling vehicle vs $5 dollars for a single-occupancy vehicle).

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