Are there any good science fair projects to teach my kid about the environment?



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    I think that making a solar water distiller at home is a really cool thing to do. Here is a video that explains how to do it. Have fun 🙂

    For more experiments, I recommend getting an environmental science merit badge handbook from the Boy Scouts. I used to teach that merit badge, and I think that every kid should complete it whether or not they are actually in the scouting program. I also taught energy, geology, and soil and water conservation. Those are also great merit badges. There are also several merit badges that are more specific to animals. You can get merit badge handbooks at any local Boy Scout shop.

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    You could become part of Project FeederWatch. It is a Cornell Lab of Ornithology project in which citizens put out bird feeders, I.D. birds and collect data on feeder visits, then submit them to Cornell for them to use in research. It’s a cool way to be a part of larger national science project. 


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