Are there any good quality environmentally friendly shower curtains?

I really hate buying shower curtains – when they come out of the package and you unfold them, they smell like chemicals. I have to hold my breath to hang them up in my bathroom and even then, the smell continues for hours and I have to open the windows to air out the smell. I want a shower curtain that doesn’t smell as fumey, and that won’t hurt the environment after throwing it away. Does this exist?



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    I found a few options. There’s a gaiam, linen one and a gaiam, flax based one that both look high quality.

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    Here’s an article with a few more suggestions.

    The Sonny Shower Curtain is made of non-toxic PEVA, which is a non-vinyl, non-chlorine based plastic. 

    The Splast Recycled Shower Curtain is a cool, although expensive option ($85). The curtain is made up of plastics collected off the streets, landfills, and waterways of Jakarta. 

    Urban Outfitters also offers an eco-friendly shower curtain, which is made of a PVC-free plastic and comes with non-toxic markers for you to decorate it with. Pretty cool!

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