Are there any good pictures of creative urban gardens?



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    Here are some that I thought were so beautiful.

    Chelsea Flower Show Medal Winner


    National Gardens Scheme

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    I am a big fan of rooftop gardens. I figure, the space is there and not being used, so why not grow some food there? Here is picture of one. [img_assist|nid=195425|title=garden|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=640|height=491]

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    Here is a basic step concept garden.  This would be great fro growing strawberries, squash, and/or tumbling rosemary.

    Tiered garden concept: Photo credit, Web EcoistTiered garden concept: Photo credit, Web Ecoist

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    Here’s a link to an awesome urban gardening blog.  There are some really cool ideas in here and general tips for greening your living space.  Here’s one of my favorite pictures:

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    I thought this rooftop garden was an amazing use of space. It basically looks like a park on top of an office/apartment building. The link also explains some of the problems with planting trees on rooftop gardens and how to fix them. 

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