Are there any good phone apps for ereading?



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    You can get the Kindle App on the iphone or ipod touch, though it’s probably available on other smart phones as well. I read a little bit on a friend’s iphone with Kindle, and it was pretty good!

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    Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo Apps are all free for the Iphone and Ipad.  They offer different benefits but ultimately come down to the same concept: free app, paid ebooks.  The Kindle app allows you to read on more than one device (it will keep track of your progress accross devices!), while the Barnes and Noble app allows you to lend your ebooks out to other devices.  The Kobo app allows you to post on your facebook wall from the device, so that you can share book titles, quotes, and other goodies.  It’s really up to you to pick one, depending on your personal needs. 

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