Are there any good organic sprays that I can get to kill spiders?



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    Ridding your house of spiders can be a frustrating, long-term process, but don’t get frustrated.  The most important benefits are to know the species of spider, where they are located, and what bugs they attract.  A few organic spider sprays are Demon WP Envelope and EcoSmart product line.  Other organic home remedies you can try is using citrus scents such as lemon, lime, or orange peels in the garden or flower beds.  Note, though that this can attract other bugs.  Utilize lemon / orange scented cleansers when cleaning, place chestnuts around the perimeter of the property, or try an aromatic plant such as mint or lavender.  If all else fails, you can try high frequency devices to deter the spider from your home.

  2. 0 Votes has a great checklist of ways to rid spiders from your house without using pesticides or harmful sprays.  An arduous process, by sticking to basic guidelines, your persistence will eventually lead to the ridding of spiders in your home.  Basic steps include keeping your house clean, making sure human and pet food is covered and using natural repellents.  Eucalyptus leaves, pennyroyal and baking soda are all natural remedies that repel spiders.

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