Are there any good natural replacements to icy hot?



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    Yes, alternate 20 min of hot compress then 20 minutes of ice pack

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    Here are a few other options.  Try an Epsom salt bath.  Epsom salt has a high level of magnesium which can absorb through the skin to promote healing and decrease swelling.  (Pour 2 cups of Epsom salt into hot water.)  Another option is Arthcare Oil or Arthcare Capsules.  Arthcare is an anti-arthritic herbal formula which will help healthy movement of joints and is also high in antioxidants to help increase energy.  Last, make sure to use gentle stretching and massaging to prevent the muscles from becoming tight producing more strain. 

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    Also, menthol works as a surface counterirritant, which is the “icy” in icy-hot. That can provide some of the pain relief you crave.

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    Icy Hot contains 7.5% Menthol as its active ingredient, plus a lot of other not so good chemicals. I use pure unadulterated Essential Oils (not the ones you can by for $9 at the naural stores). The Peppermint essential oil I use has 34-44% Natural Menthol and the Wintergreen essential oil I use has 90% Natural Methyl Salicylate. If you apply Wintergreen essential oil on the area and then layer the Peppermint over it, you will get a nice “icy hot” feeling. Compare this also to Bengay, which is only 30% Methyl Salicylate and BioFreeze, which is only 3.5% Natural Menthol. I choose Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.I

    nformation from Essential Oils Desk Reference, 3rd and 4th Edition, Compiled by Essential Science Publishing,, 1-800-336-6308

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