Are there any good natural detox’s?



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    Yes, certain diets or juice drinks can help your body detox naturally.  However, there are some more dangerous detox diets that strain the body through methods such as fasting; these diets can take such a toll on the body, they can even be life threatening.  I would suggest taking a look at this website – it seems like it offers less invasive detox ideas.  You could even see a doctor that practices alternative medicine to see if they can help.

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    I’d say that juicing is the most popular way in which to ‘naturally’ detox. The fruits and vegetables found in juice drinks give to the body micronutrients; and juicing at home provides you these micronutrients in a tasty way. Here is a list of various micronutrients and what they do for your body. The list is long, but basically micronutrients help your body metabolize food into energy!

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    A jucing diet for 5 days is what I did. That is, have a fruit juice for breakfast, vegetable juice for lunch, another vegetable juice as “snack” food, vegetable juice for dinner, and a small fruit juice for desert.

    It is very healthy and good to rid your body of toxins. This is for everyone, especcially for those with cancer as it helps keep the body as healthy as possible.

    My mother (who has cancer) and I went on it for 5 days, and I lost around 10 pounds, neither of us had any huge side effects. The side effects were less concentration and energy for the first couple of days, but then boosts and you feel much better afterwards.

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