Are there any good high schools for environmental education?



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    Many school districts are including environmental education in their normal curriculums, it just has not been official yet.  In the last few years, “green” ideas and concepts have been taught in myriad settings such as pre-kindergarten classes that learn to recycle and sixth graders who race solar-powered cars. 

    Specifically, high schools in Maryland have very recently decided to include environmental education in their required courses. 

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    Environmentally focused high schools are on the rise, from what I’ve noted.

    The Environmental Charter High School in LA county opened in 2000, is open to all students and has a well-rounded cirriculum with the purpose of establishing a sense of self in the students as well as an understanding of Environmental Processes.

    On the other coast, in NY, there is an Environmental Highschool that boasts over 600 graduates.

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